The development of new materials and processing technologies has always been hot topic in aviation and aerospace industries in pursuit of higher efficiency and reliability. Such new materials and technologies must be validated by as-processed material characterisation efforts including mechanical testing at the design temperatures and/or environments. Ion has undertaken various research and commercial programmes applying its mechanical and physical metallurgy knowledge to aircraft and space borne payload structures in collaboration with Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ), TUSAŞ Engine Industries Inc., and their subcontractors.


Microstructural degradation due to thermal processes in both fabrication routes and service conditions plays a critical role in driving creep and other high temperature degradation of high-alloyed steels and other alloys for high temperature applications. Ion has provided many damage and condition assessment services to the plant owners, 3rd party surveillance or insurance bodies and EPCMs.


The standards and codes are based on emprical criteria for workmanship that provides an excellent record of reliability in pipeline service in many years. Fitness-for-service criteria, which provide more realistic allowable imperfection size, has emerged as an alternative method. Fracture toughness property has recently become an important consideration in the engineering critical assessment of on-shore and off-shore pipeline girth welds. Ion Metal own the only Nadcap accredited laboratory, which provides fracture toughness and resistance curve testing services not only to oil and gas sector but also to all sectors with both linear elastic and elasto-plastic definitions, in Turkey.


The investors need foresight that the infrastructure will perform to the end of its design life with the maintenance scheme planned for. Ion provides engineering and material testing services to the infrastructure and construction projects at the design, fabrication, construction, commissioning and operational stages. These services offers fitness-for-service / fitness-for-purpose information to the project owners or contractors. Besides industrial plants and pipelines, bridges are also the infrastructures that we have material engineering and testing experiences. Ion is the only testing service provider for Osmangazi and Çanakkale bridge constructions projects.